Spark Solutions is part of Spark Productions, a San Francisco Bay Area production company that has worked over the years with Fortune 500 corporations and top advertising agencies developing creative solutions.

About three years ago, we began to realize that there was a marketing niche that wasn't being serviced correctly. Specifically, there were a number of high-end small businesses (like luxury car dealerships) who couldn't begin to afford the $600,000 price tags typically charged by agencies for national spots. Instead small businesses had no choice but to go to low end production houses or, worse still, local cable companies to make the shoddy local ads that we all know too well.

As a solution, we decided to try to develop a production technique using the absolute latest in computer technology to see if we could create stunning spots for a fraction of the cost. We succeeded! Then we resolved to focus our creativity on one product, and become masters of the genre. We chose luxury car dealers.

By mid 2011 we will have dozens of spots for you to choose from. Fully customizable to your dealership, and all guaranteed co-opable! And for your websites we now have streaming videos designed to distinguish your company from the competition, and elevate your site to the quality one would expect from a luxury dealer.

The relationship between attractive TV ads and getting people to the web has been documented as a symbiotic relationship that works. Together we can ignite a solution perfect for you. With great ads, and a commanding web presence, Spark is about giving you exactly what you need. Spark Solutions, an answer that makes sense.